November 18, 2011

Work in Progress

Something new is happening in the PFB Collages studio... it won't be long before I'm ready to share.

40 for 40

Next fall I will turn 40, which means I am currently living my 40th year.  I love reading the lists people make of special things they want to do during a birthday year. A list like that says so much about one's wishes, hopes, dreams and joys.  For me, the greatest joy outside of relationships comes from being creative so I've decided that during this 40th year of life I'll create/make/do these 40 things. Of course I will probably do much more than this. I give friends baked goodies all the time and will likely make more than 10 pastiche collages and definitely continue to make my original collages, but this is my wish list of new and different things to make and do that will make use of talents and desires I want to explore and honor.

  • a holiday collection of collage cards (1-3)
  • a collection of everyday collage cards (4-6)
  • flannel bedding for the girls (7-9)
  • simple dresses for the girls (10-12)
  • good paella (13)
  • large batch of baked goods to give away to 5 families (14-18)
  • book of Sabrina's art (19)
  • book of CC's art (20)
  • photo album for Maya (21)
  • photo session with Sabrina (22)
  • photo session with CC (23)
  • photo session with Maya (24)
  • 10 8 pastiche collages (25-34)
  • a knitted throw (35)
  • a terrarium (36)
  • as much a my novel as possible (37)
  • one publishable article, "the little house that could"... (38)
  • collage blocks (39)
  • a toy or game (40)

November 11, 2011

PFB Collages at FLP

I just participated in my first show!  It was so energizing and exciting to share my work with the world, chat about it with friends and stangers, make some money, trade with other artists, and take care of all the little marketing details before and after the show.   Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table, asked questions, gave suggestions, admired the work and bought a piece.  And a very special thank you to my girls--Sabrina who helped me pack everything up the night before, CC who helped me set up, and Maya who peacefully napped for half the show!

November 8, 2011


I'll be participating in my first sales event tomorrow and so spent today putting the final details on my packaging and table set-up.  Here's a little dry run in the dining room. Would you like to come see my work in person?  I'll be at Faith Lutheran Church from 9:30 am to 11:30 am on November 9.  The event benefits my children's preschool and will feature many wonderful artists and vendors.

November 5, 2011

Collage Cards

I've been feeling like quite the Christmas elf making holiday collage cards. I loved designing the cards and playing around with traditional themes and colors, of course adding my own vision. In these pictures I'm working on three collections: "Spruce," "Star," and "Wreath."  For colors I decided on teals, golds and reds. Also lots of gorgeous greens.  Because I'll be selling these at upcoming holiday events I decided to make some cute little muslin pouches to hold the cards.

October 21, 2011

In the Collage Studio

Otherwise known as "The Art Room" or "Mommy's Room," this is where I spend much of my free time. I love this room and have just recently gotten it right after many years of moving furniture, taking things in then out, switching colors.  It feels very me now and I no longer want to switch things around every time I go in!  I also know it is finally done because every time I go in I feel creative and peaceful at the same time.

I can't remember why we started calling it "The Art Room."  Maybe because it's where I kept all the art supplies before we had to set up a dedicated art center for the girls.  In any case I do much more than store supplies or make art here.  This is where I write, knit, read to myself and to my children, snuggle, talk on the phone, pay bills, display things that inspire me, do freelance communications work, design workshops and classes, surf the web, answer emails.  Sometimes my girls play, read or take a nap on the sofa while I work, and often the baby is underfoot while I finish up an project and she loves it when I leave things on the floor (like a bunch of paint chips!) so she can get into them!

As for the "collage studio," it is more in my head than a physical space.  I'm very portable, as are my materials, and I like to work at the dining table, outdoors, in bed and on the floor.  My work takes place over many moments in time, selecting colors now, cutting a bit later, composing and recomposing over a few days (although sometimes I get it just right the first time!), tweaking another day, finally gluing. I'm forever moving locations for each phase. When we go on vacation I pack a little collage kit and work on smaller pieces.

I like to put each piece up on the wall or display it on the poet's desk (in a portfolio book because sticky hands tend to be drawn to art in this house!) for a little while after finishing it, just to see if it really is what I had envisioned and to make sure that I love it. I never let out into the world what I don't love, even if someone else might. It wouldn't seem good to sell or give or even show something that wasn't the best of me.

Photos: 1. Sorting paint chips I use in some of my collages. 2. I love knitting but am a novice so really only make scarves and doll blankets, and only during the cold seasons. 3. Two collages up for review. 4. I love succulents. 5. My new series of literary collages--my older girls love them and are asking me not to sell them. 6. Nature (and other) treasures--the whole family adds to this collection. 7. Magazine tear sheets that inspire me. 8. Big totes hold everything I don't want cluttering my space. 9. The only piece of art in the room that is not by me--a vintage Lucia Pearce poster.

Caps for Sale I


Do you know this book?  It's one I love for its silly, surreal story, its illustrations and choice of colors.  It's a good autumn book wihtout being overtly seasonal.  Try reading it to young children and acting it out.  You'll all end the storytelling with giggles!
You can purchase these and other collages, as well as commission a collage from me at PFBCollages.